Visit to AstraZeneca to learn about high-content imaging workflows

Lovisa Lugnegård, working with Andreas Hellander and Carolina Wählby, is working towards a cloud-based simulator of the data generation of high-content imaging experiments.  She recently visited Alan Sabirsh and Johan Karlsson at AstraZeneca to learn about their microscopy pipelines and about what parameters are important for the rate of data produced in experiments, as well as to collect an example dataset to drive her development.

Johan teaches Lovisa about their Image Express microscope, to figure out how different settings affect the resulting images.

Lovisa Lugnegård writes her MSc thesis as part of the project

We are happy to welcome Lovisa Lugnegård to the team! Lovisa will write her MSc thesis within the project. She plans to design and prototype a cloud-based simulator capable of streaming already generated microscopy data, varying a wide range of parameters and emulating realistic scenarios when running high-content imaging platforms. This will be a valuable tool for quick prototyping of new algorithms, and for mapping out e.g. performance requirements for feature extraction methods in real-time scenarios.