Peer reviewed publications

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      URLs: Slides
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Preprints/papers under review:

  1. Wieslander H, Gupta A, Bergman E, Hallström E, Harrison PJ. Learning to see colours: generating biologically relevant fluorescent labels from bright-field images. Submitted. Preprint at
  2. Spjuth O, Carlsson L., Gauraha N. Aggregating Predictions on Multiple Non-disclosed Datasets using Conformal Prediction. arXiv. 1806.04000 (2018).
  3. Spjuth O, Gauraha N. Synergy Conformal Prediction. Submitted, preprint
  4. Blamey B, Sintorn I-M, Hellander A, and Toor S. Resource- and Message Size-Aware Scheduling of Stream Processing at the Edge with application to Real-time Microscopy (Submitted, under Review )

Non-reviewed conference presentations:

  1. Andrea Behanova, Johan Öfverstedt, Ida-Maria Sintorn.  Enhancement of image quality by registration of short exposure images. ( Poster presented at the Swedish Symposium on Deep Learning 2021)
  2. Wieslander H, Gupta A, Bergman E, Hallström E, Harrison PJ. Utilizing privileged information and adversarial training for virtual staining of bright-field images. ( Poster presented at the Swedish Symposium on Deep Learning 2021)

MSc Theses:

  1. Tony Wang: Master Thesis – A Service for Provisioning Compute Infrastructure in the Cloud. URL:
  2. Oliver Stein: Intelligent Resource Management for Large-scale Data Stream Processing. URL: 
  3. Lovisa Lugnegård: Master Thesis – Building a High Throughput Microscope Simulator using Apache. URL: